Pest Control

Good Day pest control has been in the field of pest controlling since 1986 as a front runner. Within that we are able to win the hearts of thousands and thousands of satisfied customers, who will vouch safe our ability to control all types of pests and our prompt, efficient service. We have been serving all sectors like government, semi-government, multinationals, firms, private concerns, contractors, engineers,commercial buildings etc.

We hope that it will not be out of place if we narrate how we are tackling the menace of various types of pests. Pest controlling depends upon the quality of the pesticides used, identification of the types of pests, detecting the root-cause for the growth of the pests and cyclic changes in the environment which causes the growth of pests. The medicines should not effect the ecology or the health of the human beings in the area. We are keen in keeping the ecological balance of nature.

Keeping all these factors in view we have developed different combinations of pesticides after a research of more than two years by specialists in this field. Our research and development wing is continuously monitoring the effect of our medicines of different types of pests on an on going basis and suggest changes in the strength and combination of medicines to make our pest controlling most effective. We are proud to say that so far we have succeeded in our efforts to control all types of known pests in India.